Business Financial Planning

 The main areas where we provide consultancy are:-

  • Pension Schemes
  • Investments
  • Death in Service Benefits (Life Insurance)
  • Keyperson Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Salary Exchange Arrangements
  • Financial Education
  • Individual Independent Financial Planning for employees

How we work with you

An initial meeting would be held with you so that we can understand the needs and requirements of your business, including an in depth discussion about the provisions you feel will benefit your business and your employees the most effectively.
Then, a full analysis of your requirements is undertaken, researching the market for the most appropriate, cost effective solutions.  A report detailing the benefits to your company/business would be presented to you including how the solutions will meet current and future changes in company, pension and employment law as well as the timescales and costs.

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